The culture of wine

Wine and Food

A meal without wine is like a day without sun!

There is a harmony between wine and food, which we also know as Pairing.

These are 3 basic recommendations of marriage, but of course they are not written in stone, but rather serve as a basic and simple guide.

  1. The recommendation by color
    • Red wines: Red or dark meats (beef, lamb, hunting, etc.), pasta with tomato, light and hard cheeses, prosciutto, Serrano hm, cold meats.
    • White wines: Fish, seafood, white meats (poultry, pork, etc.), pasta with cream or pesto, strong and soft cheeses, mouths and entrances.
  2. Weight recommendation
    • Similar weights of wine and plate
  3. The recommendation of the dominant flavor
    • The existence of a dominant flavor can be decisive for the choice of wine. For example, to accompany a dish of white fish with an intense flavor sauce, such as Dijon mustard, the reference is not the fish but the dominant flavor of the sauce. In this case you can perfectly accompany this dish with a red wine.

There are foods like duck and goose that harmonize well with red wines and white wines.

Traditionally desserts are accompanied by sweet white wines or fortified wines such as Oporto, Malaga or Marsala.

The cuisine and wine of a culture usually evolve together. It is no coincidence that the traditional food of a region harmonizes with the wine of the same region.