Carmelo Rodero


Coming from a family of winemakers from the riverside town of Pedrosa de Duero, Burgos, Carmelo Rodero belongs to the fourth generation of winemakers. His great-grandparents made the wine in the classic and old wineries, until the Pedrosa de Duero Wine Cooperative was founded, of which his grandparents were founders.

Continuing with this trajectory Carmelo RODERO began cultivating the vines belonging to his family for a few years, later decided to disassociate himself from it, and with 50 hectares of vineyard, he began selling his grapes to the mythical Vega Sicilia Winery for 14 years.

In 1990 he started his own career. Bet on the future and quality knowing that the base of a great wine goes through some good grapes, so Bodegas Rodero is proud that since its first production in 1991, all its wines have been awarded at the most important fairs and tastings , both national and international, serving as a contrast and recognition of its quality.

Carmelo Rodero, supported by his wife Elena, will continue his entrepreneurial action thanks to the incorporation of his daughters Beatriz and María very involved in the project. Beatriz, her eldest daughter, Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering (specializing in viticulture) and with higher studies of oenology in Bordeaux.




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